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Antioch in the Bible | The History of Antioch

Antioch in the Bible has settled nearly the farthest limit of the divide into four equal parts of one hundred BCE by Seleucus I Nicator. An individual of Alexander the Great’s commanders. The city’s terrestrial, military, and financial extent assisted allure citizens. Exceptionally specific climaxes are the taste exchange, the Silk Road, and the Royal Road.

Antioch in the Bible was a Hellenistic city on the east side of the Orontes River. Its remains cling to the continuous town of Antakya, Turkey. At the obsolete city loans allure name.

Antioch in the Bible was named “the support of Christianity” by alluring the extent of a being’s life and the detracting task it risked in the happening of two together Hellenistic Judaism and early Christianity.

What is Biblical Antioch today?

Antioch of Syria, alternatively named Antioch on the Orontes River, was a triennial-substantial city in the Roman Empire. Just Rome in Italy and Alexandria in Egypt were more generous. Syrian Antioch (wave epoch Antakya, Turkey) was organized on the Orontes River about 20 5 interiors of the Mediterranean Sea. And about 300 5 northward of Jerusalem. From allure authenticating in 300 BC by Seleucus I Nicator, Syrian Antioch was a scurrying place for boat docking exchange center point bearing a lively blend of things from differing organizations. And religions accompany extreme academic and governmental rank.

The biblical Antioch is today called the name of two New Testament city societies: Pisidian Antioch and Syrian Antioch.

In Syrian Antioch, the Christian person Agabus envisioned an incredible hunger that would affect the Roman experience. The inspired Christians in Antioch solved the indicator accompanying generous gifts to assist the Jerusalem accompanying churching when the urge hit. Barnabas and Paul sent these talents to the people in Jerusalem (Acts 11:27-30).

ancient antioch in the bible

Representation of the ancient city of Antioch 

Where is Antioch in Acts 11?

This Antioch in the Bible was ahead of the Orontes River, about 15 5 (24 kilometers) from the Mediterranean Sea in what was Syria in those days and what is contemporary south Turkey.

Antioch can be found in Acts 11:20-21: But few bureaucracies were fellows from Cyprus and Cyrene. When they had equal Antioch, they discussed the Hellenists and the Lord Jesus’ education. And the help of the Lord was accompanying bureaucracy, and a significant number authorized and used the Lord.

This Antioch was settled in the division into four equal parts of one hundred years BC by Seleucus. An individual of Alexander the Great’s five commanders. The one split welcome field later welcome passing. This Antioch was chosen afterward by Seleucus’ father and is named Antakya contemporary.

Where is the city of Antioch in the Bible?

Another city named Antioch in the Bible was located ‘tween the districts of Phrygia and Pisidia in Asia Minor, west of Iconium, in the south piece of the region of Galatia. Pisidian Antioch was settled by Antiochus I and refounded by Augustus as a Roman responsibility. Augustus occupied the city, accompanying a lot of welcome experts.

Pisidian Antioch curves into the main achievement of Paul’s most significant scholarly venture accompanying Barnabas. Paul was received from one earlier family to educate in the place to meet Pisidian Antioch. And two together preachers were anxiously taken apiece natives skilled (Acts 13:14-44). However, an assemblage of Jewish pioneers. The ones who were jealous of Paul’s celebrity began to vilify him (Acts 13:45).

Why is Antioch important in the Bible?

Antioch was the focus of the Seleucid territory as far as 64 BCE when it was additional by Rome and was created as the capital of the Roman domain of Syria. It curved into the tertiary most fantastic city of the Roman Empire in content and meaning (following in position or time Rome and Alexandria). It had impressive sanctuaries, stages, water arrangements, and showers.

Antioch in the Bible independently guides the ancient times of the doctrine. It was the marvelous essential accompany place ministers to the Gentiles were shipped (seemingly following the Great Commission). It was the inception of the famous Christian father, Chrysostom.

The Antioch general growth of chapels is friendly arranging of enthusiastic chapels settled accompanying an “excitement for Jesus and His ambitions in the soil. ” The Antioch Movement, located in Waco, Texas, began in the 1980s. The incident concentrated on a church setting and is non-usual.

Why was the city of Antioch so important?

Antioch compliments certain New Testament city societies and gets disaster contained in the deal. That is seemingly taking everything in mind in the case that the New Testament memorandums are not indeed given to the gathering in Antioch. We have Ephesians for the city of Ephesus and Colossians in Colossae. Still skilled’s no 1 and 2 Antioch to help us to recollect that distinguishing spot.

Taking everything in mind, the evidence that Antioch was essential for vital ships lanes two together by way of sea and by way of land, the city suffused swiftly in people and impact. In the early times in the First Century A.D., Antioch was the tertiary largest city in the Roman Empire – behind Rome and Alexandria.

Antioch is also an individual of the two together most meaningful city societies. During the whole life of Christianity. Indeed, truth accepts the delivery of something, except for Antioch, Christianity. We presumably are knowledgeable and grasp it as contemporary, hopeful, and highly singular. If you want to learn more about the city of Antioch, below is an excellent book with all the information about it.

antioch in the bible

History of Antioch (Princeton Legacy Library, 2237). I’d like you to see it on Amazon.

Primary Takeaways

  •  Established in 300 b.c. by Seleucus, a comprehensive of Alexander the Great, Antioch was a focus of interchanges by the wand. Moreover, the sea through allure traffic Seleucia Pieria. The people also were worldly-wise, and Judaism was organic to things taking everything in mind. The demeanor of a meaningful Jewish responsibility presents freedom to enter Gentiles to find out the Old Testament state in Greek at church administrations.


Unearthings managed in 1932-39 in Daphne and Antioch in the Bible exposed innumerable fine collage floors from two together secret buildings and public forms. Therefore, dating mainly from the glorious Roman ending. But, many of the beds address duplicates of famous traditional arrangements. That by any means would have existed obscure. The mosaics are soon presented in almost Archeological Museum.

The exercises of the state-of-the-art municipality revolve around basically the cultivation produce of the adjacent domain, containing the dangerously grown Amik plain.