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Assos in The Bible | History of Assos

The unusually ancient city is pronounced to have existed regulated apiece Aeolians and to have endlessly lived alone Greek. As rapidly as the having five of something centennial B.C., Assos in the Bible hit its unique allure coins. And the allure services foundation continued as far as 235 A.D.

Assos in the Bible is a traditional city of Mysia in the Roman domain of Asia. As per Acts 20:13, Paul and Luke changed their habits from Troas to Mitylene. They are remaining upon a strobile rock on the south shore of the Troad. It probably complicated completely of high-quality location in Asia. The gem is about 700 ft. extreme; allure edges are coated, accompanying regular and fake porches. So steep is it that Stratoricus collected of it.”

Assuming you wish to hurry your passing, attempt and crawl Assos.” The view from the conclusion is broad and significant. The debris of Assos in the Bible is ultimately overwhelming in Asia Minor, but they have long been filled out as a goal. From the allure of public constructions, the gravels for the Constantinople docks were captured.

Where is Assos located today?

Assos, alternatively named Behramkale or, for short, Behram, is a mainly rich metropolis in the Ayvacık setting of the Çanakkale Province, Turkey. During Pliny the Elder’s opportunity (first of one hundred years C.E.), the city bore the name Apollonia.

Today, Assos is an Aegean-coast seaside retreat among traditional debris. In 2017, Assos in the Bible was written in the Tentative summary of World Heritage Sites in Turkey.

The city of Assos in the Bible was settled from 1000 to 900 BC by Aeolian homesteaders from Lesbos; the one pronounced to have emanated Methymna. The routine gap of the mineral into joint planes had scarped out racks before expected that it was likewise plain for human work to shape.

What country is Assos in?

One of the allure’s primary monarchs or despots was Hermes, a eunuch when an enslaved person. So, the one present welcome relative to join accompanying Aristotle. The excellent Greek philosopher lived for three ages, from 348 to 345 B.C. During the stage of the kings of Pergamus. The city of Assos in the Bible bore the name of Apollonia.

To the Byzantines, it was famous as Machramion, and now the municipality. Which has also decreased indifference under Turkish rule, is named Bekhram, a Turkish degradation of the Byzantine name. Therefore, along these lines, the city of Assos is located in Turkey.

The Turkish ruler Murad II popularized the many agreeable undergraduate degree reliefs of the Doric church of Athene to the French management. They were now shielded in the Louver.

Where is Assos in Turkey?

The stronghold, established on a slope of 236 meters over the sea level, dates from the copper age accompanying the city out-of-date to the seventh centennial B.C. And seeing the safeguard divider of that 3 kilometers standing until now motivates regard for the bricklayers. The one-bred ruling class a very long time back. Also, on the top of a city room the Temple of Athena. The god of the town and revealing creativity and war has a high-quality spot to watch the sunset. By chance, the church has six sectors on the short parts and 13 on the long components, including the building, which accompanies the individual procession.

Assos, the traditional Aeolian city, endures an uphill slope over the delightful and fairly carefully formed angling township of Behramkale in the Aegean neighborhood. The town of Assos is a beautiful retreat from the acting about of a few nearby ‘must-visualize’ settings and resorts.

Good bits stay to determine the tourist accompanying an idea of the design of the stronghold, although the main spotless milestone is a temple attending a patterned past moderately.

assos in the bible

Representation of the ancient city of Assos in the Bible

Is Assos a pagan region?

Assos was first decided all the while during the Bronze Age. The Bronze Age city societies Assuwa, assigned to the source in the Hittite texts, and Petasos, set to start in Homer’s Iliad, are fighting to add to Assos. As per antique beginnings, Methymnians from the archipelago of Lesbos settled the Greek city of Assos in the seventh centennial B.C.

Assos is considered to be a pagan region. It is an individual of ultimate amazing ensured Greek city societies of Asia Minor accompanying allure mainly meaningful authoritarian and public constructions. Assos bears an extraordinary proclamation to the provable bettering of a sizeable Greek town in Asia Minor. The city grips to the top and steep slants of andesite easily upset or inspire plug escalating from the Gulf of Edremit in the south Troad.

Its elevated levels were unimaginable in ancient times. It is reasonable that the spot and allure encircling urbane composition considerably distressed the previous allure renter. Aristotle thought of it as the highest rank city.

Primary Takeaways

  • Assos in the Bible has curved into a natural classical center accompanying the allure of glamorous surroundings. And also traditional city relics. You can feel that captivated air while strolling about the city. When you leave the conventional town and wander inside the city. You can taste the eateries accompanying a sound view, delicious and standard foods novel to the setting.


From the church of Assos, Hermias of Atarneus, a substitute of Plato, controlled Assos in the Bible, the Troad. And Lesbos, for a short period, under which the city fought allure most outstanding prospering. (Oddly, Hermias was the captive of the commander of Atarneus.) Under the welcome standards, he pressed logicians to make one’s home the city.

As a feature concerning this, in 348 BC, Aristotle reached attendance. He married King Hermeias’ relative, Pythia, superior to leaving for Lesbos three years following in position or time in the case in 345 BC. This ‘shining opportunity’ of Assos was done completely a while, another occasion when the Persians were embarrassed and mistreated Hermias to obliteration.

So, the Persians were compelled out by Alexander the Great in 334 BC. Therefore, somewhere between 241 and 133 BC, the city of Assos in the Bible was conditional to the Kings of Pergamon. Notwithstanding, in 133 BC, the Pergamon abandoned holding a grip on the town as it was expended apiece Roman rule.