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Bozrah in the Bible | The Wilderness of Judah

Bozrah, in the Bible, means “sheepfold” and was a serene city in Edom southeast of the Dead Sea. As registered in an apiece ecclesiastical report, Bozrah was the capital city of Edom and the country of Jacob’s twin relative, Esau. Bozrah can be found in the wilderness of Judah.

As per Isaiah 63:1-6, the Lord will arise Edom (innovation Jordan) and Bozrah in the Bible in ancestry-smudged attire on “the epoch of reckoning” and “the comprehensive period of renewed” (Disclosure 19:13: Bozrah was trimmed accompanying a gown hurtled in ancestry).

Was Bozrah in Edom?

Bozrah in the Bible was an encouraging city. Amos, an Old Testament person, connected fate to Bozrah in forecasting Amos 1:11-12, articulating that fire would waste the strongholds of Bozrah in the Bible.

Bozrah was located in Edom. Bozrah in the Bible was the name of a spot in Edom in all the Biblical while periods. A few investigators speculate that the city dominates the countries with its government of Edom and Moab.

Amos’ forecasting endured against Edom, which had divulged the Israelites in Numbers 20:14-21. When the Israelites had received back from incarceration in Egypt. And we’re trying to return to the place famous as Israel. By roaming through the country with its government of Edom. The Edomites and Israelites were brothers. The Edomites equipped force to endure the Israelites. And the Israelites wanted to follow an alternate course to preach to Israel.

Where is Edom today?

Edomites are related in any traditional beginnings containing the Tanakh, a summary of the Egyptian emperor Seti I from c. 1215 BC, and in the narrative of responsibility by Ramesses III (r. 1186-1155 BC). The archeological test has proved that the country developed ‘tween the thirteenth and the eighth of one hundred years BC. And was eliminated following in position or time a period of decrease in the sixth centennial BC apiece Babylonians.

Edom can be found today in the land interlining traditional Israel, in southwestern Jordan, the middle of two points, the Dead Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba. The Edomites likely complicated the domain about the thirteenth century BC.

However, immovably belonging to the Israelites (as per the Bible, they were fathers of Esau), they had persistent contentions accompanying the ruling class and were likely weak upon the ruling class at the period of the Israelite field (the eleventh tenth of one hundred years BC).

What does Edom represent in the Bible?

Edom in the Bible was a traditional territory, namely generally belonging to Esau and welcoming aunts in the Bible. Being the uncles of Abraham, the Edomites belonged to the Israelites. 

The country of Edom survived before the Israelites abandoned Egypt. The Lord supervised the Israelites not to endeavor to take the land from the Edomites as they endured because He had likely the land to Esau (Deuteronomy 2:1-5). Moses and the Israelites wanted permission to stay in the place skilled in Edom on their process from Egypt. Still, they were declined access to one Edomite master (Numbers 20:14-21). Starting in the Bible, Edom is assigned to source as Israel’s antagonist. And the two together nations struggle much of a moment of truth.

Saul and David fought against the Edomites, accompanying David in vanquishing and forceful bureaucracy when parturition (1 Samuel 14:47-48; 2 Samuel 8:13-14). During the rule of Jehoram, Edom frustrated Judah and started their own free master (2 Kings 8:20-22). If you want to learn more about Edom in the Bible and what it represents, you may want to consider the following book.

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Where is Bozrah today?

In one of four equal parts hundred age, Bozrah was a thriving city with exchange connections accompanying Persia and Arabia. In the Roman and Byzantine periods, Jews occupied Bozrah, and the local district contained abundant rabbis, like Jonah, Eleazar, Berechiah, and Tanḥum; possible choice, with bureaucracy Resh Lakish and Abbahu, haunted the city because the nearby Jews perform to have existed artless in their scrupulous observances.

Bozrah in the Bible is a contemporary city in Jordan named Buṣrā-Askī Shām, accompanying about 2,000 occupants. The excellent archeological surplus parts of the traditional town combine a divider, conference roads, a successful curve, a significantly shielded stage, burial pinnacles, showers, and a vast repository, 485 × 62 ft., from Roman opportunities.

A Christian temple, processed in 512, holds individual of the first famous instances of a Byzantine vault. An after-faith has a peal tower and a nunnery named Deir Bahira; subsequently, the monk accompanying Muhammad is pronounced to have postponed on welcome visit skilled.

What is the meaning of Isaiah 34?

As you state, this next piece recalls that Isaiah 34 and 35 are a whole, the refrain examining doom against the foes of Israel (called by Edom in the Bible). And then, after part, represents the wonders of the resumed country of Israel in the Millennium.

The beginning portion concerning this outline has a connection with God’s fate of the nations (Isaiah 34) and the after-part physiognomy of God’s future endowment of Israel (Isaiah 35).

To assist you accompanying situating these parts in the background, notice from the drawings over that Isaiah 34-35 finishes the slice that centers basically on fate and is followed by one natural division, Isaiah 36-39, that accordingly are followed by “solace and restoration” parts, Isaiah 40-66.

bozrah in the bible

Biblical location of Bozrah in the Bible

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As per individual Christian interpretation of Micah 2:12-13, Bozrah (or a spot in the Bible dimly alludes to as Bozrah) will also be the district of an excellent “break-out” of God’s contract things. As per this rewording, the recovery will attain an Edomite reserved spot of exile and incarceration at the end of the days. This grand occasion in Micah 2:12-13 has happened to allude to by Dr. Gavin Finley as “the Bozrah freedom.”

One more Bozrah in Moab, in “the plain country with its government,” for instance, the standard down E. of the Dead Sea (Jeremiah 48:21-24), filed with the city districts of Moab. The Bozrah of Edom on the elevations (Jeremiah 49:13) and Edom’s various city societies search out “never-ending squander.” Still, the Bozrah of Moab “in the plain” search out be resumed “in the day of reckoning” (Jeremiah 48:47).

However, not assigned to a source in another place, this Bozrah of Moab, place lords, were “sheepmasters” (2 Kings 3:4). Hopeful a name (“sheepfold”) of believable occurrence. Others make this Bozrah accompanying the Roman Bostra in Bashan, 60 5 from Heshbon, holding bright staying parts. Jeremiah contains the city societies “everywhere” and the possibility to choose this view. Nevertheless, Jeremiah 48:21, “in the plain,” performs to check it with the different Moabite city societies.


Bozrah in the Bible is a provable home and a contemporary municipality in Tafilah Governorate. Bozrah is located between the towns of Tafilah (Tophel) and Shoubak and nearer to the last alternative. Therefore, Bozrah in the Bible is famous by certain analysts as the region assigned to source infrequently. The ground is adjacent to the state-of-the-art municipality of Bousera.

Archaeological investigations were managed at the apiece American University of Beirut in 1980. And 1984 in the northwest domain of the city. Accompanying the announcement of conclusions stays from the Early and Middle Bronze Ages. A task of preparation and replacement on the spot has happened influenced by a Franco-Syrian group because the intervening 1980s bestowed plenty of dossiers about the Nabatean-Roman and Byzantine city societies.