cana in the bible

Cana in the Bible | Location of Jesus’ first miracle

This region comprises four main areas: Kafr Kanna, Khirbet Qana, Reineh in Lower Galilee, and Cana in the Bible in Upper Galilee. The Arabic name “Qana al-Jalil” has been pronounced to relate to different things, but it still is unclear. The name conceivably gets from the Hebrew or Aramaic discussion for reeds. Cana of Galilee is the district where the biblical Marriage at Cana in the Bible occurred. The wonder of transforming water into a sweet drink happens in the Gospel of John.

What is unique about Cana in Galilee?

In common past, the records of Assyrian shah Tiglath-Pileser III, the one who routed the Galilee in a 733 BC march, hold a harshly shielded summary of city societies evoked to mention to a distinguishing Kana. 

What is unique about Cana in Galilee is that this one is a township in Galilee. Eminent as the field of Christ’s most noteworthy marvel, placed at the marriage feast. He transformed water into wine (John 2:1-11). Following an occasion of activity, He bothered Cana another time (4:46). The prominent added notice concerning this spot is in 21:2, the home of Nathanael.

There was also a municipality chosen Kanah (Heb. Qānāh), nearly Tire (Josh 19:28). So, as a consequence, it enhanced main to designate the “Cana of Galilee” essentially to justify its allure origin.

The wedding from Cana of Galilee

In those days, there was a wedding feast in Cana of Galilee in the Bible. And there was the mother of Jesus. Jesus was also invited to the wedding with his disciples. When the wine ran out, the mother of Jesus said to Him, “They have no wine.” And Jesus answered her: «Woman, what do you want from me? My time has not yet come. ‘ His mother said to the servants: “Whatever He tells you, do it.”

There were six stone amphorae there for the ritual purification of the Jews. Each contains eighty to one hundred and twenty liters. And Jesus said to them, ” Fill the jars with water. ” And filled them to the brim. So, He told them again, ” Now take some and bring some to the one who conducts the banquet .” And they brought him some. How he tasted the water that became wine, the one who directed the banquet – who did not know where it came from. But the servants who had taken the water knew it – called the bridegroom and said to him: “Everyone puts the good wine on the table at the beginning. And when the people are drunk, they change it with the bad wine. You, on the other hand, have kept the good wine aside so far ». 

In Cana of Galilee, this was the beginning of the signs performed by Jesus; he manifested his glory, and his disciples believed in him. After this, he went down to Capernaum with his mother, brothers, and disciples. They stayed there for a few days.

cana in the bible

Representation of Cana of Galilee in the Bible

What is Cana of Galilee called today?

Plenty of theories about the place of Cana in the Bible have existed. In the welcome gospel, god forms no case at the marriage. Many would respect the story of the wedding at Cana as conscientious a suggestion of correction provable or terrestrial significance; it is the first of the seven mysterious “signs” by which Jesus’ celestial rank is attested, and about that, the doctrine is arranged. Cana of Galilee is called Kafr Kanna today. 

What did Jesus do in the Cana of Galilee?

Therefore, one of the three outdated regions of Palestine included the country’s complete northern section. Indeed, it also has parts of the Jordan River and the Sea of Galilee, building the Eastern line. “What Jesus did in this place in Cana of Galilee in the Bible was the first of the signs. By which He exposed welcome genius, and welcome the people to trust Him” (John 2:11). 

Which tribe is Cana from? 

Kefr Kennah is a prospering city about 3 3/4 5 from Nazareth. On the south edge of Sahl Toran, the plain South of the purview of that name. Biblical scholars prove that Cana in the Bible comes from the tribe of Asher toward Great Sidon. So, seemingly interpreting of Kana, a municipality about 8 5 South of Tire. The pioneers of the Middle Ages gave the impression of being divided concerning two together goals.

Primary Takeaways

  • Within the village of Cana in the Bible, the association Youth of Cana has been working since 2016 to promote diversity and tourism in the locality. The young people have planted 2,500 trees around the cave, and the landforms and are working to create a hiking trail in the Achour Valley. According to popular belief, Christ traveled to this valley and addressed the faithful.
  • Also, the Church of St. Joseph of the Greek Catholics stands in the Christian quarter. Built in 1906, the church suffered a fire a few years ago, but it has been renovated to keep the tradition. Behind the church stands a giant statue of the Virgin. Donated in 2011 by Margot Tyan, mother-in-law of the former President of the Republic Amine Gemayel. According to the parishioners, a strange stone behind the building would shelter the remains of a nun.
  • The village of Cana nowadays is also proud of the painter Moussa Tiba (1939-2014), a village child who opened a museum where his watercolors are exhibited.


93 km south of Beirut, the village of Cana in the Bible, also known as Cana of Galilee, stands proudly in the heart of South Lebanon. A mixed town, it is the center of flourishing Christian religious tourism. And for a good reason, some historians consider that Cana corresponds to the geographical location where Christ would have performed His first miracle during the famous “wedding of Cana.” Cana de Galilee is also sadly famous for having been the scene of Israeli attacks in 1996 and 2006, which left around 100 civilians dead.

Not far from the location of the vats stands the shrine of the Prophet al-Jalil, a holy man revered by the Shia community but of whom little is known. According to popular tradition, this prophet is the bride’s father at the wedding in Cana in the Bible.