cyrene in the bible

Cyrene in The Bible | History of The Ancient Cyrene

Cyrene in the Bible is part of the Greek colony of Libya, on the northern edge of the Barkè plateau. It is located 600 meters above sea level. This region, where about 650 millimeters of rainfall each year, forms an island on the edge of the desert. Nine hundred kilometers west of Egypt and only 300 kilometers south of Crete. The Neolithic habitat (indigenous Tehenou and Temehou) is dense there. And the country is not unknown to the Cretans (paintings of Thera).

Cyrene, in the Bible, is located in Upper Libya, North Africa, and was settled by a responsibility of Greeks (B.C. 630). It held earlier a colossal number of Jews, the one that was introduced into the city by Ptolemy, the youngster of Lagus. In the account of the computed, they would increase the protection of the spot.

They extended in number and impact; we are ready for the following remarks concerning the ancient times of Christianity to the ruling class.

History of Cyrene in the Bible

Cyrene in the Bible was founded in 631 BC by Dorian settlers from Thera. Led by Battos, the city of Cyrene, ravaged by famine, would have imposed on each family the departure of one of its sons. So, its geographical location and the richness of its soil (supplied Greece. And especially Athens, with wheat, wine, fruit, and silphion. And the juice of which, mixed with flour, formed a sought-after medicine. Therefore, it constituted a great product of export) and quickly made it a prosperous city. 

From this colony, other cities, Barce and Euhesperides, remain in the movement of their metropolis and Apollonia, the great port of the territory. Subjected to the light yoke of the Persians, the Cyrenians must, after the death of Alexander, undergo the constitutional reforms imposed by Ptolemy I and become part of the large kingdom. Under the authority of men like Magas or Ophellas, in particular. Therefore, in 96 BC, it was bequeathed to Rome by Ptolemy Apion. And received a governor in 75 BC. Its history indeed merges with that of Cyrenaica.

cyrene in the bible

Representation of the ancient city of Cyrene

What does Cyrene mean in the Bible?

Cyrene in the Bible is located in North Africa on the northeastern Mediterranean shore of state-of-the-art Libya. It was settled about 630 B.C. as a Greek conclusion. Cyrene was joined into the Roman region of Crete – Cyrenaica in 67 B.C.

In the Bible, Cyrene means unequaled characteristics of the harness. Occupants of Cyrene were in Jerusalem on the Day of Pentecost in 30 A.D. at the point when the Christian temple was understood (Acts 2:10). They were any of the many Jews freed through water that epoch the one transformed over entirely to Christianity. They were essential to spread the fact among the Gentiles.

Also, the one who was forced by one of the Romans to assist in accompanying Jesus’ cross to Golgotha was a Cyrenean. He was excessively ineffective even in acknowledging achievement.

Why is the city of Cyrene important?

Generally pronounced to have settled apiece Greeks of Thera in 631BC, Cyrene in the Bible was necessary for it was a trading center initially busy apiece Battiadae custom. And that enhanced individuals of the principal places of the Greek realm.

Cyrene in Libya is the ultimate astonishing Greco-Roman spot on the sphere. Over the long haul, Cyrene was subdued infrequently regarding, with the remainder of something, Alexander the Great, superior to being Romanised in 74BC.

Cyrene’s rank and importance further developed under Roman rule and were renovated under Hadrian. Truth accepts the delivery of something; soon afterward, the excellent quake of 365AD and the neighborhood’s changeful atmosphere finally create the allure of ruin.

What is Cyrene called today?

In the remains of Cyrene, referring to a specific known amount of figures have happened removed. The fascinating details of the remarkable human progress concerning this Greek responsibility are in a bizarre composition of funeral places, few built, nevertheless highest in rank interrupt the powerful gem of the bluff. Doric design and magnificent bedecking pieces improve these funeral places.

Cyrene, the ancient capital of Libya in northern Africa, is nowadays called Barca of Tripoli. It is now inconsolable, on a level 1800 ft. over the sea and 400 ms. to some extent n. of w. of Jerusalem.

Therefore, Cyrene becomes important in Biblical experiences through the unevenness of the Jews. Ptolemy I, the youth of Lagus, proposed Jews to this and various city districts of Libya.

Was Simon of Cyrene African?

Research shows that Simon of Cyrene was from a country in traditional northerly Africa (interlining Egypt) named Libya. According to Spirit of English Magazine Vol. 10, pg. 286; on obsolete occasions, Libya held two countries with its government, Cyrenaica and Marmarica. Therefore, Simon of Cyrene was African. 

By the present averages, things from North Africa may be chosen, Black. In the New Testament, we concede the possibility of us being aware of the habit that Joseph, Mary, and Jesus devoted strength in Egypt.

Primary Takeaways

  • Cyrene in the Bible owes allure, opening the realm to a Greek Island chosen by Thera in a time gone by. That contemporary is famous as Santorini, located in the Southern Aegean Sea. Because of the ascendance in people that happened in the Greek globe all along the eighth and seventh centennial BCE. The Therans enhanced anxiety about the impacts of blockage. They finished an endeavor toward the North African neighborhood.


Cyrene is a Greek city located on the coast of Libya. It is a colony founded around 644 BC by Greeks from the island of Thera (Santorini). It is the most important of the Greek cities in the region.

Also, over the long haul, Cyrene in the Bible was quelled infrequently between possible choices, Alexander the Great, superior to being Romanised in 74BC. Cyrene’s rank and meaning further succeeded under Roman rule and were reconstructed under Hadrian. It was soon afterward the great tectonic shock of 365AD. And the setting’s changeful atmosphere that, in the end, precipitated allure decay.

Among the allure of astounding staying parts, Cyrene is home to the pieces of the curious reliable-port of Apollo with settings from the Temples of Artemis and Apollo that occur or cause as shortly as the seventh centennial B.C. to the second of one hundred years Trajan Baths.