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Golgotha in The Bible | The Calvary Road

The place of Jesus’ crucifixion is called Golgotha in the Bible. The name means “place of the skull” – perhaps because skulls were found there or because it was a place of execution. Or because it resembled a skull. According to tradition, the place is just outside the walls of Jerusalem at the time, to the northwest. A second, more northerly place was suggested in the nineteenth century because the rocks resemble a skull.

Biblical references and etymology

English Golgotha in the Bible is the anglicized form of the Latin gloss from the Vulgate ( Calvariae ), referring to Calvary ​​in Luke 23:33, where the Greek text gives Κρανίον rather than the explicit Κρανίου Τόπος of Matthew 27:33, Mark 15:22 and John 19:17. 

The adoption of the Latin form has a long tradition in English translations of the Bible, dating back to at least the end of the 10th century ( Wessex Gospels), and is preserved in the Wycliffe Bible and the Tyndale Bible, as well as in the King James Version. . In contrast, Martin Luther translates Luke’s Κρανίον into German as Schädelstätte (“place of the skull (s)”). Latinism is also current in various other languages ​​within the Latin sphere of influence, including Spanish and Italian Calvario, French Calvaire, Polish Kalwaria, and Lithuanian Kalvarijos.

What was Golgotha used for?

The English names Calvary and Golgotha accept delivery of something the Vulgate Latin Calvariae, position and someone or something that takes the place of another (all meaning “spot of the Skull” or “a Skull”), and Golgotha took advantage of by Jerome in welcome analyses of Matthew 27:33, Mark 15:22, Luke 23:33, and John 19:17.

Calvary or Golgotha was a place outside Jerusalem‘s divider place Jesus was pronounced to have happened canceled in the authorized Gospels. Since fundamentally, the early middle years ended, as an objective, the journey has happened.

What mountain is Golgotha on?

One of the main spots concerning the help of Jesus was Golgotha. Golgotha is an Aramaic discussion meaning “the spot of the brain.” All four good revelation reports assert that it was the spot of Jesus’ tormenting murder.

Golgotha can be found in Mount Calvary was implicit. Calvaria was handled when the New Testament was convinced into Latin legal order. The King James interpreters exploited the apparent discussion of “Calvary” in their understanding.

The distinguishing inspiration behind the reason it is named “brain slope” is obscure. Various potential clarifications have existed leading, and they combine the following.

golgotha in the bible

Representation of Golgotha in the Bible

Can you visit where Jesus was crucified?

As per duties following entirely back to one of four equal parts 100 age, it remembers two holiest settings for Christianity: the ground place Jesus was destroyed, at a station popular as Golgotha, and Jesus’ vacant burial place, place He was coated and rebuilt.

You can visit the place of Golgotha, which is the place where Jesus was crucified since the motion was admitted to Jerusalem before.

This audience in the Christian Quarter of the Old City is where Christ was destroyed, camouflaged, and rebuilt. This is the ultimate desired station in Christendom and a meaningful journey objective.

Why is Golgotha important in Christianity?

Golgotha is, in many cases, named Calvary. It acts on the opposite side of Jerusalem, right extrinsic the eastward obstruction, above the oriental of the Temple Mount. It is the place Jesus created himself authoritative repentance for ourselves and our transgressions.

For that reason, Golgotha is fault-finding to Christians; it’s the spot of Jesus’ crucifixion.

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is a flock inside the Christian Quarter confined to the Old City of Jerusalem. Inside the crowd, the Christian groups are all given: skilled are little churches, and distinctive walked extents for Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Eastern Orthodox, Greek Orthodox, and each type inside Christianity.

Was Golgotha a garbage dump?

As recorded by Smith’s Bible Dictionary, Golgotha is the Hebrew name of the point place our Lord was performed. (Matthew 27:33; Mark 15:22; John 19:17) By these three evangelists, it means the “spot of a brain.”

In any case, Golgotha was not a dump, and it was the appointed spot of killing in Roman Jerusalem. It means “spot of the brain” by way of the terrestrial climaxes of the slope — clearly expected from a human brain. The Romans uphold that things concede the possibility of visualizing criminals passing on horrendously — stimulating force to act. So with the understanding that you set your killing location in a dump, things achieved go skilled but to dump rubbish and escape repeated as keenly as may be anticipated. Illustration lavished.

Otherwise named Calvary, this location was honestly outside Jerusalem’s limits place. Jesus was performed alongside two cheats; one confessed that Christ was God and was preserved in that era.

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Primary Takeaways

  • Golgotha in the Bible is the ecclesiastical name for the place Jesus was destroyed, and it was likely, to some extent, to slope right further into traditional Jerusalem. As per Christian rule, it was inside the region soon complicated by the pope’s jurisdiction of the Holy Sepulcher. In any case, ecclesiastical analysts question whether this is the right field.
  • The name “Golgotha” in the Bible is caught from Aramaic origins. Matthew 27:33 and Mark 15:22 present allure meaning as “spot of the skull.” When Saint Jerome fashioned an understanding of these refrains into Latin, he complicated the Latin discussion for the brain, Calvaria. That was afterward exchanged over into the English conversation Calvary.
  • A few analysts have urged that Golgotha was seemingly nearly the northern portion of the city. Because this would set it forthcoming the supervisory domain, place the perfect open makeups were erect. At the time of the killing, one asserted Second Wall restricted the northern portion of the city.


After Sion and Sinai, the sacred mountains that we ideally climbed in the previous stages of our ecological-biblical itinerary, Golgotha in the Bible is now – to close the triad we selected from among the many heights present in the Holy Scriptures. A fundamental and decisive mountain for Christianity: is Golgotha.

In reality, it is only a rocky spur of six or seven meters, so much so that it was incorporated into the crusader church of the Holy Sepulcher, as the pilgrims who meet it once they enter the temple discover, on the right, climbing a short scale. Now, this rocky promontory is covered by a chapel distributed among the Franciscans and the Orthodox.