pergamum in the bible

Pergamum in The Bible | History of Pergamum

Like Smyrna, Pergamum in the Bible state well the clues of record, and when Attalus III presented the world to Rome in 133 B.C., the tradition was likely welcome blood relative. The one proverb littlest future for exemption in the expanding uproar of the Middle East. It was designed to expect early freedom. The Mediterranean planet took tighter to an ending of odd contentions. And capacity lawmaking issues on a far more fantastic scale than the long stretches of the city-states had famous.

Pergamum in the Bible is rising fifteen m. from the Aegean sea, accompanying the slopes about Smyrna and Lesbos in the distant view. On an outstanding hit slope that rules the Caicus plain. This eminence bordered Pergamum’s most noteworthy stronghold.

The fundamentals of the city existed, accompanying the offset points of urbane history in Asia; still, little is famous about the principal significant number of age.

What does the name Pergamum mean?

The seven enactments matched at the buildings of worship of the Revelation are deeply secret, maybe as not to involve the first benefits — Christianity was prohibited back before, and a significant constituent of the texts that hold the New Testament are systematized. Yet, the procedure of Revelation, uncommunicative of its value, talks about absolute evil against unconditional excellence.

Pergamos comes from the term (Pergamon), which describes a refuge or stronghold. It seems to have existed initially used by Homer to support Troy. And formed from (Priamos), which for that reason means “of or like Priam,” the one who was the master of Troy all along the conflict.

Pergamum is the Latin understanding of the Greek name Pergamos (alternatively named Pergamon). Which had a place accompanying an admired city of Mysia (a commune of Asia Minor. Indiscriminate Anatolia, current Turkey), organized about thirty kilometers from the west coast. It’s assigned to source two periods in the Bible, the two times in Revelation. As the northernmost city of the seven, the Apocalypse went (REVELATION 1:11 and 2:12).

Who was put to death in Pergamum?

As pointed out by Christians, John the Apostle named Antipas as a person in charge of the church of Pergamon. All the while under the rule of the Roman sovereign Nero. The established record reward for voicing Antipas was tormented throughout the reign of Nero (54-68) by absorbing in a shameless nonsense-formed distinguished produced extent at the Apollyon church in Lyon/Geneva, Switzerland.

In A.D. 92, as per ritual, Antipas of Pergamum, an individual undergraduate of the Apostle John, was simmered to oblivion in a bold or policeman nonsense, all the while the oppressions of Emperor Domitian. In Pergamum, the Christians were all condemned to death.

What was the religion of Pergamon?

Given the habit, the city discussed the encapsulation of Hellenistic education and duties. And cult in two together allure interests and allure actual construction. Early Christians proverb it as a refuge of entirety was anathematic to Christian opinions. The natural religion of Pergamom was Christianity. But in the first centuries, it wasn’t accepted.

Pergamon’s assemblage was individual, and Christ’s meaning to the loyal praises the ruling class for enduring their assurance. While lodging in the spot “where Satan stays.” Antipas, a Christian minister of Pergamon, was acknowledged to have been tormenting present toward the finish of the principal centennial A.D. About when abundant investigators recognize the procedure of Revelation was created.

Their minister’s killing has not probably enchanted the city to allure Christian occupants. And the Biblical citation to the city is creative of the overall strain with Christian and skeptic networks toward the finish of the main centennial A.D.

pergamum in the bible

Representation of the ruins of Pergamum in the Bible

What was Pergamos famous for?

Pergamos, alternatively named Pergamum in the Bible or Pergamon, was a prosperous city. It was designed as one of the more prominent public places of traditional Greek rule. All the while, the second centennial of B.C. When Rome ruled, and Augustus Caesar designed the clan of sovereign love familiar at the turn of the principal centennial, Pergamos was chosen as the base camp. A church was inherent differentiation between Rome and Augustus, about 29 B.C.

During the second centennial A.D., Pergamon’s prominence as a focus on recuperating and dispassionate learning was deemed allure standing for more. Its most famous native all along this ending was doctor Galen. Whose work and the survey was mainly under an obligation bestowing bureaucratic rules from what or which place contemporarily situated or toward the west drug search outspring. The Asclepios at traditional Pergamon were ultimately famous in the native land. 

What was the Church of Pergamum known for?

At the point when the Greek substitute of Alexander the Great, Antiochus IV Epiphanes, assaulted Israel, he pretended control over the Temple. He despoiled it by lifting a distinctive went downfield to Zeus. He even forfeited a swine on the distinguished produced district. It was continually alluded to as the “evil demolition system.” This incited what is famous as the Maccabean revolt and the eradication of the Temple. This re-commitment is renowned in the Feast of Dedication, which we call Hanukkah, and marks the Jewish New Year.

The Church of Pergamum was famous for ‘giving in faith’ because it tried to blend occurrence-related eminence. It isn’t likely – finally, they would mislay two together. When Jesus supervised this Revelation report to John, Satan’s allowed position was in an absolute sense in Pergamum. 

Primary Takeaways

  • Pergamon was a great traditional Greek city raised forthcoming the Aegean Sea to Turkey’s Aegean community. It was the capital of the Kingdom of Pergamon and was individual of the critical public residences of Greece. It curved into a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014.
  • Pergamon was likely the title of the city and thus was probably made up of awards to evolve sanctuaries, a field, a stage, an arena, and affluent spas.


The city designs of the lower city organized a mammoth commercial complex with many individual retail stores, a workout, and sanctuaries of Hera and Demeter. Roman surplus parts include an arena, a stage, and a boundary.

The early Attalids nurtured the main designs of the above (fit for royalty) city. Still, by their broad makeup and lessening, the later lords Eumenes II and Attalus III were generally answerable for the city’s bizarre compositional and creative standing. After the fall of Rome, Pergamum was conditional to the Byzantines as far as it gave into Ottoman hands without delay in the fourteenth 100 age.