the gibeonites in the bible

The Gibeonites in the Bible | History of Gibeon

The Gibeonites in the Bible had a vital place accompanying the Hivites. The Gibeonites were individuals as whole political groups that had complicated the Promised Land before Israel’s characteristic (Exodus 3:8). God had trained the Israelites not to form a contract accompanying one of these things. Instead, He wanted the ruling class expelled from the land (Exodus 23:28, 32-33). In any case, under Joshua’s command, the Gibeonites profess to expect a group from a great distance. They tricked the Israelites into acting fast by making a contract. And accompanying bureaucracy to admit the ruling class to live between this type of class (Joshua 9).

The capital of the Gibeonites in the Bible was “Gibeon.” Which is a city organized on a coarse eminence. About six-five northwest of Jerusalem. It is placed near Bethel. He established the leading position municipality of El-Jiab. Even though God had superfluous Israel to create a contract accompanying the Gibeonites in the Bible, He deliberated Israel responsibly and expected them to be loyal to it.

What does Gibeon mean in the Bible?

Gibeon is a Biblical name that means: “Yahve is not a hill” or “The greatest height.” Gibeon, currently al-Jīb, is a meaningful municipality in outdated Palestine and was established northwest of Jerusalem. Gibeonites in the Bible offered their city intentionally to Joshua at the time of the Israelite triumph of Canaan.

The Gibeonites – the oppressors of Israel

The Gibeonites in the Bible were a nation that greatly oppressed the Israelites. God expressed His desire to deliver His people again, only through Him. Interestingly, God calls the government of Gibeonites in the Bible “valiant” when Gideon has an entirely different opinion of himself. The decisive element of his strength was the awareness that he was a small and weak man.

Notice also what Gibeonites in the Bible pray to God (Judges 6:36-40). Aware of his holiness and the enemy’s superiority, he sought a unique assurance of the divine presence. Here we have a man perfectly aware of his dependence on the Lord. In Judges 7, we read of the remarkable victory he achieved against the oppressors of “his people and the fantastic way God delivered them.

Who killed the Gibeonites in the Bible?

King Saul had tried to exterminate the Gibeonites in the Bible. Although the welcome exercise persecutes the pledge, Joshua lives well, accompanying Gibeonites in the Bible in Joshua 9. As a result of Israel’s breaking their promise, God shipped hunger upon Israel for a very long time. David presents seven of Saul’s siblings (two youngsters and five grandsons) “who killed the Gibeonites, the one who destroyed the ruling class and exposed their parties on a slope before the Lord.

David distinctly signed the appalling processes Samuel 21:1, that’s what we visualize “all along the rule of David skilled was a hunger for three liberal age. And David expects the meaning of the Lord. Also, the Lord pronounced, ‘It is a result of the massacre by Saul and welcome classification because Saul indeed destroyed the Gibeonites in the Bible”.

David causes Gibeon to take blood revenge on Saul’s two sons and five grandsons.

Once upon a time, there was a famine for three years. So when David sought the face of Yahweh, Yahweh said, “Saul and his house have blood guilt because he killed the Gibeonites in the Bible.” The Gibeonites were not of Israel but the remnant of the Amorites. Although the Israelites had sworn mercy to them, Saul, in his zeal for Israel, had tried to exterminate them.

David summoned the Gibeonites and asked them: What shall I do for you? With what can I make atonement for you so that you will bless the people of Yahweh?” The Gibeonites in the Bible answered: “It is not for us silver and gold to do with Saul and his house, but it is not for us to kill a man in Israel.” David asked: “What do you want me to do for you?”

Then Rizpah spread her mourning robe as a bed for herself on the rock. From the beginning of the harvest until rain fell from heaven on the dead. And would not allow the birds to attack them by day or wild beasts by night. When David heard what Rizpah had done, he took the bones of Saul and Jonathan from the citizens of the city of Jabesh-Gilead. From then on, God was merciful to the land again.

Gibeonites in the bible

What kind of people were the Gibeonites?

The Gibeonites in the Bible were an assemblage dipped from the Amorites (2 Samuel 21:2). The Gibeonites in the Bible are described in Joshua 9 as the ones that deceived the Israelites to safeguard themselves. After the Israelites had overwhelmed the city societies of Jericho (Joshua 6 — 7) and Ai (Joshua 8), a significant number of the nearby Canaanites linked to frame a colossal outfitted force to battle Israel (Joshua 9:1-2).

Gibeonites in the Bible are the people that are born from Hivites and Amorites. The Gibeonites in the Bible lived in the city of Gibeon. God wanted the Israelites to try not to form some pledges accompanying the Gibeonites in the Bible. The Gibeonites in the Bible had the alternative to create the Israelites, going by Joshua, recognizing that they were the descendants of Adam and Eve.

Why were the Gibeonites not destroyed?

When the win of Israel started in Canaan, the reports of the triumphs of Israel were accomplished by the Canaanites. And frightened their monarchs – Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites. The Israelites found out that the Gibeonites’ city regions were nearby. What’s more, the children of Israel couldn’t fight the Gibeonites in the Bible, considering the evidence that the officers of the congregation knowledgeable avowed unity to the ruling class. In this method, the crowd of Israel rumbled against the pioneers’ quick choice.

The heads of Israel began the complete camp of Israel questions because they didn’t request the Lord for shrewdness. This instance instructs that the deep forerunners in the crowd endure being unusually careful in their selections as long as, by their confidence in their doom as opposed to in God, they welcome issues in their gatherings.

Primary Takeaways

  • Division 2 announces that Saul tried to affect bureaucracy over Israel and Judah, and King Saul harmed and destroyed the Gibeonites. The Gibeonites in the Bible were the fathers in a pledge of friendship accompanying Israel.


After the erasure of Jericho and Ai, the Hivite country, with its government of Gibeonites in the Bible, shipped members to fool Joshua and the Israelites into making a conclusion accompanying bureaucracy. The Bible’s Gibeonites brought themselves as diplomats from a distant, forceful land. Without attending to expressive God (Joshua 9:14), Israel investigated a contract or peace-establishing agreement accompanying the Gibeonites.

The Israelites soon inferred that the Gibeonites in the Bible were their neighbors, residing no bad three days stroll from the ruling class (Joshua 9:17).