thessalonica in the bible

Thessalonica in The Bible | History of Thessalonians

Thessalonica in the Bible is famous for the times of the apostle Paul and his friends who originated accompanying their journey. They searched two together towns named Amphipolis and Apollonia. Then, at another time, they arrived at a city named Thessalonica in the Bible. There was a Jewish place to meet skilled. Paul used the place to meet, as he usually acted on a Jewish day to rest. On three rest days, he talked about God’s idea about things in their place to meet.

The New Testament gives two different records of what occurred when Paul and Silas instructed the fact in Thessalonica in the Bible. One communicates the outside occasions. Still, various give deep and conscientious significance. That lets us see a heap in referring to a specific known amount of conversation: Were Paul and Silas located their aid (the mosque), in what way or manner Paul argued (from the Scriptures), what he pronounced (Jesus is the Messiah the one pass on and red-pink in vindication of foresight), and the one solved (“few” of the Jews, “a lot of” of the Greeks, and “not referring to a specific known amount” of the women).

What was Thessalonica known for?

Thessaloniki, alternatively named Thessalonica in the Bible, or even Saloniki or Salonica, is the second-greatest city in Greece, accompanying northward of 1 heap occupants in allure urbane domain. Thessalonica in the Bible is the capital of the terrestrial setting of Macedonia, the supervisory extent of Central Macedonia, and the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia and Thrace.

Besides the celebrity of Greece’s second-most important city, Thessalonica in the Bible is also a spot, namely experience, because it joins breeding and past. The dainty blend of top galleries, traditional makeup, and public areas gives a great chance of occurrence and ambition.

Greek regions and traditional towns are the levels of a caller’s pleasure. For Thessalonica in the Bible, Ano Poli addresses the best choice of past and idea, considering the experience that is the ultimate important point in the city.

What did Paul do in Thessalonica?

Apostle Paul’s Second Missionary Journey Upon image, a haunted person engaged in private ownership of business Jewish place to meet for three Sabbaths conform to the reason Jesus is the Old Testament Savior (Acts 17:2-4). He was zeroing aware of the reawakening of Christ. Paul’s primary mission to Thessalonica in the Bible is to give and spread the good news to the inhabitants that Jesus was the Messiah.

Paul was famous for the pope’s jurisdiction at Thessalonica in the Bible, bearing instructed skills. Generally, the memo is private, accompanying just the last two parts, almost parenthetically fixing issues of belief. Paul’s fundamental reason written as a printout search out activate and comfort the Christians skilled.

In 168 BC, the city of Thessalonica in the Bible agreeable Rome to acquire control over their city and assist accompanying looking after it from allure foes. Rome solved certainly, still acknowledging the city’s far-reaching hope to hold running own allure issues. In any case, the audience at Thessalonica in the Bible wanted to resolve the means to reside in a Roman city. If you want to find out more information about Paul’s ministry in Thessalonica, the following link will direct you to Amazon, where you can buy a book with all the facts about Paul, Thessalonica, and early Christianity.

thessalonica in the bible

Representation of Thessalonica in the Bible

Where is Thessalonica in the Bible today?

New Testament remarks Paul and Silas cultivated to the Jewish population group of Beroea about 54 and 55 A.D. The two men had happened compelled in another direction, the city of Thessalonica in the Bible, by an angry crowd for extending the fact skilled. Paul and Silas created their journey from Thessalonica to Beroea about the close opportunity (Acts 17:10).

Thessalonica in the Bible (furthermore Thessalonike) today is a traditional city of Macedon in northern Greece that contemporary is the city of Thessaloniki.

Around 50 AD, while on welcome after minister venture, Paul the Apostle talked out of the Jews from the Scriptures in this city’s central place for socializing on three Sabbaths and cultivated the sources for Thessaloniki’s most significant Christian chapel.

What was the religion in Thessalonica?

Thessalonica in the Bible was a meaningful first of one hundred years city on account of the allure essential Macedonian district on the Egyptian Way. A key route for traders to connect Rome accompanying the Eastern domains. And taking everything in mind the event that it had a high-quality typical harbor in the Aegean Sea.

In the same way, as additional Greco-Roman city districts, Thessaloniki was rigidly pluralistic. Thessalonians prize a much of “gods,” like the city’s advocate almighty, Cabirus, alongside some aura of Dionysus, Aphrodite, Zeus, and Asclepius, the master of cure and doctors.

Thessalonica in the Bible was a tremendous city of accurately 200,000 things, and it was the capital city of the Roman Province of Macedonia with an allure effective trade atmosphere and a reasonably prodigious people of 100,000. Thessalonica in the Bible was similarly the capital of the Roman region of Macedonia.

Why did Paul preach to the Thessalonians?

Yet, the primary ambition behind Paul’s answer is the search to survive an odd issue that formed afterward Paul abandoned the city. Paul gave the Christians at Thessalonica in the Bible welcome confidence that the finish of the age would enter the place the unusually not-so-long time. Paul calms welcome Epistle to the Colossians on account of a report that they were dropping into weight blunder. Misleading communication and practices in Colossae were moving the Saint’s skills and sabotaging their assurance. Comparable public strains present troubles for Church things contemporary.

Generally, the memorandum is private in type, accompanying just the last two parts gone deciding issues of law, almost by the goodbye. Paul’s principal reason is written as a printout search out authorize and comfort the Christians from Thessalonica in the Bible. Apostle Paul urges bureaucracy in the second place occupied cautiously while situated close in trust for the advent of Christ.

Why did Paul leave Thessalonica?

Some portion of Apostle Paul‘s habit with Philippi and Berea lay across the narrow connector concerning this landmass. Passing on their first Macedonian proselytes in Quite a while to the concern of Timothy and Luke, aided for one co-exercise of honest nation produced up with the real Philippians, Paul and Silas embark on their journey to Thessalonica in the Bible.

The middle stages assign to sources in the Acts of the Apostles are Amphipolis and Apollonia. The distances recorded in the Itineraries are Philippi to Amphipolis, 33 5. Amphipolis to Apollonia, thirty 5, Apollonia to Thessalonica, 37 5.

Primary Takeaways

  • Thessalonica in the Bible was in the direction of the union of two important Roman streets, individual forceful from Italy toward the orient (Ignatia Way) and the additional from the Danube to the Aegean. Thessalonica’s region and use as traffic fashioned it a vital city.
  • Paul (accompanying Silas and Timothy) came near Thessalonica in the Bible on welcome after preacher venture, hesitant in Amphipolis and Apollonia superior to exposing attending (Acts 17). He instructed in the city’s place for socializing, the main synagogue of the field, for all practical purposes for three weeks. His duty was important fields of substance was spending money on a Jewish-Gentile religion. Still, the event that it was with more reason energetically Gentile (1 Thess 1:9)
  • In 168 BC, it curved into the capital of the second district of Macedonia. And later, it was created as the capital and significant traffic of the entire Roman region of Macedonia (146 BC). In 42 BC, the fight at Philippi, Thessalonica in the Bible subsequently became a free city.
  • Today, the leading-position city of Thessalonica in the Bible is Greece’s second most important city and home to 1,000,000 occupants.


The city of Thessalonica in the Bible can be found in Greece and was settled in 315 BC by King Cassander of Macedonia. It caught an alluring name from Thessalonica, companion of Cassander and relative of Alexander the Great. In this manner, it was chosen like that later her father, King Phillip II of Macedonia. To honor the welcome, defeat the Phocians using Thessalian horse riders. Thessaloniki, in Greek, actually means the “triumph of the Thessalians.”