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Thyatira in The Bible | History of Thyatira

Thyatira in the Bible is one of the seven churches in the Book of Revelation. It was an affluent municipality in the northern piece of Lydia of the Roman region of Asia. Thyatira was situated on the channel dug in earth Lycus. It endured so nearly foul line of Mysia that any early philosophers have viewed it as bearing a place accompanying that country. Its beginning record isn’t notable, for as far as Seleucus Nicator refounded it.

Thyatira in the Bible is immediately forwarded for one innovation municipality of Ak-Hissar on an arm line of the Manisa-Soma Railroad. And on the traditional Roman route, 9 hours from Sardis. Ak-Hissar is known in Turkey for the “white hall.” And nearly the state-of-the-art municipality may be visualized as the remains of the hall from what or which place the name was persistent.

Who was the god of Thyatira in the Bible?

It was a traditional Greek city named Pelopia and Semiramis before it was renamed Thyateira in the Bible. The Hellenistic ended in 290 BC, for one, King Seleucus, I Nicator. He was at contending Lysimachus when he found that welcoming significant other had led outward somewhat lady.

In early Christian periods, Thyatira in the Bible was the home to a detracting Christian faith, assigned to source all at once of the seven Churches of procedure of Revelation. As determined by Revelation, a woman chosen Jezebel (the one who named herself a prophet) trained and lured the Christians of Thyateira to deliver extramarital kink and to bite drink forfeited to images.

Notwithstanding, any pundits, such as Benson and Doddridge, have dared that what is attending went over in Thyatira in the Bible is a complementary rejection of the state-of-the-art in Israel by Jezebel. As assigned to the source in the Books of Kings, what exercise of her name present is the following citation. As Doddridge notes, “the correspondence attends so astonishingly” that, in welcome view, it is “a comparable sin that is sent.”

Does the church of Thyatira still exist?

The Church of Thyatira in the Bible is one of four equal parts of seven Churches fed to in Revelation Chapters 2 and 3. It compares to the division into four equal parts of seven Kingdom of Heaven drawings calculated by our Lord Jesus in Matthew Chapter 13, the Parable of the Leaven. They are exact.

Numerous Christians ask, “Does the Church at Thyatira in the Bible still exist?” Besides the evidence that the church of Thyatira still exists, also it is the most natural and mainly immediately apparent church among the seven Churches written in Revelation. This has lived genuinely during the whole of Church experiences, still in addition directly as we will visualize. 

Where was the city of Thyatira located?

The Apostle Paul and Silas commit have bothered Thyateira all the while Paul’s second or tertiary journey, Acts 16:13-16. They bothered a few unknown towns in the field all along the after-trip. While in Philippi, Paul and Silas waited, accompanying a woman named Lydia from Thyatira, the one observed helping the ruling class attend midnight. Subsequently, they were arrested and brought.

Thyatira was a city located in the Roman domain of Asia.

The Church of Thyatira

At the church of Thyatira in the Bible, Jesus presents Himself as the Son of God, whose gaze penetrates and discerns everything. He sees what is good in that church and says: “your works, your love, your faith, your service, your constancy” and “your last works which are more numerous than the first.” Is our commitment to the Lord more vital today than at the beginning of our Christian life? We ask the Lord to renew our love for Him so we can be animated by genuine freshness.

But the Lord also sees what was wrong with that church. “You tolerate Jezebel”. Jezebel was formerly the wife of Ahab, a king of Israel. She was a wicked woman, symbolizing those who claim to speak from God. But turn away the eyes and faith of Christians from the Lord. Her misleading message directs them towards objects of veneration, of adoration. Which the Word of God calls “idols.” Everything that takes God’s place in our hearts is an idol.

What reward does Jesus promise to those who remain steadfast in the faith? A part with Him in the government of His future kingdom and, from now on, the joy of hope. First of all, the hope of His return.

thyatira in the bible

Representation of the Church of Thyatira

What was Thyatira known for?

Thyatira in the Bible was exceptionally famous and known for the allure of plum material. The color was taken from plant ancestries and the ancestry of, to some extent, sea snails. Besides the exchange of distorted merchandise, Thyatira in the Bible was home to various energies, each bearing a related laborers’ people.

What is the meaning of Thyatira?

Crossing 12 verses (Revelation 2:18-29), the meaning of Thyatira in the Bible was perhaps the most protracted. And, as a large portion of these ideas. They contained two together improvements and comfort for the Christians of Thyatira. Before breaking down the meaning and allure of meaning for us today. We instantly consider the ancient scenery of this city.

Seleucus I Nicator refounded them about three days before the moment of Christ, the little city of Thyatira in the Bible curved into a trade society. For the frugality of the area. Arranged on a secondary route between Pergamos and Sardis, occupants of the city enhanced rich. And, akin to things from nearby city societies, falsified sanctuaries to other gods.

Primary Takeaways

  • Thyatira in the Bible was the minimal of the seven city fields. Nevertheless, the individual that received the most extended memo. It lay about 45 5 toward the southeast of Pergamum. And was famous for allure matters, specifically the production of violet color and allure exchange peoples.


Thyatira in the Bible, was a city of Asia Minor on the northerly bound of Lydia. And it was mainly calculated as bearing a place accompanying Lydia. It was about 27 5 from Sardis, about a moment of truth’s journey from Pergamos. And about an akin break-up from the waterside. Its advanced name is Ak-Hissar or The Silvery Hall.