cenchrea in the bible

What is Cenchrea in the Bible?

As a devout Christian, it is important to understand your roots and to do so, and you need to seek answers in the Bible. When researching and studying the lessons you find in the Bible, you need to try to put yourself in those people’s shoes and visualize what it was like to see those places and walk among the people of that time. Certain locations, like Cenchrea in the Bible, are very important because they give us a sense of orientation and help us better understand the context in which those events took place. Sadly, people tend to overlook these crucial locations mentioned or ignore them.

Cenchrea in the Bible was one of the two harbors that were controlled by the capital of the Roman province of Achaia, which is Corinth. Achaia would now be Greece. Cenchrea was the harbor of the east side of the land, and Lechaeumon was the harbor of the west side.

The two harbors were important because they allowed lots of goods to be transported from and between Asia Minor, Italy, modern-day Greece, and Macedonia. The eastern harbor of Achaia still exists today, but it is called Kechries, and it is located just a few kilometers from modern-day Corinth on the coast.


Why Is Cenchrea Important in the Bible?

As mentioned before, Cenchrea was an important harbor that allowed people to move and bring goods from different parts of the world. The harbor is mentioned a few times in the Holy book. As a biblical location, it is essential, as it gives us insight into where Paul completed his Nazarite vow.

“At Cenchreae, he had cut his hair, for he was under a vow.” As a matter of fact, the location is so important that a church was organized here. Many believe it was started by Paul himself because the. Bible tells us, “He was in Corinth for some time,” but this fact was never proven.

A better explanation would be that another Christian, likely a person saved by Paul, was the one who started the church. Paul even mentions Phoebe as a “deacon of light” in the church located in Cenchrea. However, no matter if she was indeed an official deacon or not, the truth is she was extremely loved by the people around her; she had a great reputation among the church-goers and was trusted by Paul himself to deliver his epistle to the Romans.

Saint Phoebe is very important to Christians everywhere, especially women, as she was the first ever woman to be referred to as a “deacon” and a helper or patron.

Phoebe, meaning “pure” or “bright/radiant,” was introduced to the Romans by Paul with nothing but good words. “I commend to you our sister Phoebe, a deacon of the church in Cenchreae. I ask you to receive her in the Lord in a way worthy of his people and to give her any help she may need from you, for she has been the benefactor of many people, including me.” (Romans 16:1-2)

cenchrea in the bible

The Reasons You Should Pay Attention to Biblical Locations

Christians usually tend to focus all of their attention on the people mentioned in the Bible, not necessarily on the locations. If you were to ask one “why?” they would tell you that the Lord, His people, and the events that took place are more important than the time and the place. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. If you are one of those people who think this way, maybe you should start thinking about God and His will.

Remember, everything happens because he wants it that way. The same thing applies to locations. A Somali-British poet by the name of Warsan Shire had some amazing insights by claiming that “No one puts their children in a boat. Unless the water is safer than the land.”

Therefore, whenever the Bible mentions a location, try to pause for a second and think, “Why is this place important? Why this place? Why did Jesus choose Cenchrea in the Bible? It must have a deeper meaning.” Location sometimes means everything.

If thinking this way is hard for you, think about it this way: Where do you expect to meet God? Certainly, in a peaceful place, a bright, beautiful place full of life, right? What would you think if God met you in a dark, dirty place where there is nothing but ruin, chaos, and mountains of dirt? Never underestimate the locations God picks.


How Location Changes Everything

You are living in this time and age, and you are reading this because God wants you to. It’s all part of His bigger plan. You are where you are because God is trying to tell you something. The same thing happened to the people mentioned in the Bible.

Jesus took His last breath in Jerusalem for a reason, and Paul completed his vow in Cenchrea for a reason. The Lord sent His children to carry His name to all corners of the world for a reason. He is always the reason.

You might not understand certain aspects of the world, and you might be confused when you read about certain places in the Bible. But the only thing you need to remember is to trust the Savior. Know that location changes everything. God never gives His children more than they can bare.

His plan is always to make you stronger. The goal is for you to better your life. And be a better person for yourself and for those around you. Location helps you understand what God wants you to see.

Whenever you find yourself in a dark place, you are taught by the Lord to seek the light. Whenever you don’t feel safe in a location, you realize it is not where you should be. God has many ways of showing us He is close, watching, and guiding us. So don’t ignore the signs; pay attention to everything around you, especially the location.

Sometimes the answer is in the location. Remember, Jesus rose to the sky in a location where it mattered. Imagine if that happened thousands of kilometers away. The impact would not have been the same. And people would not have known.