who are the hebrews

Who are the Hebrews? Ancient Facts about the Hebrews

The Hebrews have a thousand-year and very detailed history, which began in Palestine in the second millennium BC. After the Roman domination, they dispersed throughout the world (1st century AD), only to rejoin part of the current state of Israel.

“Hebrews” is another term for the biblical people of Israel. In the books of Samuel, this probably refers to a specific part of the population who had little power and few rights and lived outside the Canaanite cities, in the hill country, and on the fringes of the cultivated land. Early Israel belonged to those Hebrews, but not all Hebrews belonged to Israel.

After the Babylonian captivity, the word “Hebrew” became a name of honor and a Jewish self-designation. Specifically and in contrast to Israelites, Hebrews refer to Jewish people who lived in the Diaspora and strictly preserved the traditions of their ancestors. 

History of the Hebrews People


Hebrews call us into outer space of God’s guarantee to Abraham — a promise to win all humanity into the sacred room of the welcome world. It declares the delight of God’s will to mix all outer space into the circle of our welcome heavenliness.