Zarephath the bible

Zarephath in the Bible and the good widow

Zarephath in the Bible, was a city located inside the precinct popular as Phoenicia. It was situated between the obsolete city domains of Tire and Sidon. Before the end of the New Testament, the name had been altered to the Greek Sarepta.

Zarephath in the Bible means refinery, cleansing. Afterward, Elijah, the person distinct that no rainstorm would attack Israel, shipped him to the brooklet Cherith so that he may be aided. And stored apart from King Ahab. After the ditch dissolved, the person was sent further from Israel to a woman with a dead husband. She lives in Sarepta in the Bible (1 Kings 17:9).

Jesus appropriated the dowager’s confirmation of Elijah in welcome meaning to those in welcome traditional surroundings of Nazareth. He exploited it to show by what method God sends is with more reason immediately recognized and esteemed by non-Israelites (outsiders) than people as a political whole, the ones who experience ultimate bureaucracy (Luke 4:24 – 26).

What happened in Zarephath in the Bible?

The area’s home is distinguished one bit on the shore in the south of the leading position metropolis, about 8 miles in the south of Sidon, that relates near the beach for five or more. They are in two particular gatherings, on a ness toward the West of a fountain named Ain el-Qantara, which isn’t far from the shore.

In Sarepta in the Bible, Elijah was operating by a dowager. Subsequently, he abandoned the stream Cherith (1 Kings 17:9). Obadiah alludes to it as a Canaanite (likely aim Phoenicia) township (Obadiah 1:20). It arrives in the Greek form Sarepta in Luke 4:26 (the King James Version). It is assumed expected in the place that is to say famous for Sidon.

The Syrophoenician woman assigned to the source in Luke 4:26 was a tenant of Zarephath in the Bible. And it is reasonable that our Lord haunted the spot in His journey to the region as depicted in Mark 7:24-31, for it is pronounced that he “prevailed Sidon to the sea of Galilee.”

What is the meaning of the widow’s olive oil?

God’s peasant, Elisha, considered the woman to take everybody off the expressionless bags from her neighbors that she power take, close her entryways, and start streaming the lubricate from her bucket into the captured crates. Oil wrung from the produce of brownish shrubs had many purposes in ecclesiastical periods.

In biblical times, oil was also the base for making perfumes and sweet situations. When perfumers foamed lubricate and follow mixes of root and bark powders, shrub saps, and flavors, they commit to renovating the top high-priced solace.

What is the significance of Zarephath?

Where knowing the dowager, the one who accepted care of Elijah all along the hunger, as per the news, she gave him the residue of the stock of snacks that she had usable, which skilled observed being able food for bureaucracy during the entire time of hunger (I Kings 17:9; Luke 4:26).

Zarephath in the Bible indicates the spot of cultivation, purifying spot, and place of cleansing accompanying fire. And filtering is the extricating of valuable metals by heat.

The dowager in Zarephath addresses the celestial female, or the devotion standard, in personal knowledge. Elijah is the supernatural courageous or trickery. Isolated, these are two together in a condition of need; still, when they are aided in awareness, increase very quickly starts, and skilled is abundant excellent.

Was the widow of Zarephath a gentile?

The Law of First Mentions is the scrupulous term that imitates when entity excellent happens in the Bible for the categorical first opportunity. The report of the Widow of Zarephath, followed in First Kings 17, has two of bureaucracy and is immense.

The Widow of Zarephath was not a Gentile. She was a woman with a dead husband. In her lifestyle, she didn’t even value communicable notes. The Talmud records moment of truth to epoch appeal of rabbis that combines this line; “Thank you God that I have not understood a slave, a non-believer or a woman.” These were the three fiercely horrible existence dowry likely.

While the institution was satisfied, accompanying ignoring this unlucky woman with a dead husband and admitting her. And her child in a legitimate sense to need oblivion, God had His eye on her and shipped individual of His most meaningful person to her. He was accompanying being on time to sustain her existence.

Why was the widow of Zarephath gathering sticks?

Once in a while, we acquire the Bible in an unemotional manner. Now and again, we accept we need help remembering the figures in the yarns. Inserted in the Old Testament were things remarkably like us. They had anticipations and dreams; they approved, and they doubted. They sensed delight and knowing despair; they knew real suffering. Therefore, they needed to figure out what was projected to happen directly. The widow of Zarephath was gathering sticks for her children.

The Phoenician municipality of Zarephath had a place accompanying Sidon and was located in the northern limit of Canaan (Obadiah 1:20). It is famous for being the traditional community of a particular relict to whom YHWH shipped Elijah the Tishbite (1 Kings 17:9).

Zarephath the bible

Representation of Zarephath in the Bible

What is the meaning of 1 Kings 17?

The classical scenery concerning this curious guy is bestowed surprisingly; the welcome beginning is in great mist. He is presently and assumed to expect a Tishbite. Tishbeh, replies Calmet, is a city past Jordan in the clique of Gad. And in the place that is to say famous for Gilead. Who was welcome, father, or from what family he jumped, isn’t submitted? He performs to have existed in the person of Israel specifically, as we never find him predicting in Judah.

This stream, and the basin by which it went, might have happened on the westward side of Jordan. And not at a great distance from Samaria. Others guess it to have existed on the easterly side, taking everything in mind the experience that the person is supervised to come nearer the orient, 1 Kings 17:3. It was essential, later aforementioned, a charge to this sneaky and overdone master that he should fast disguise himself. As for the fundamental shortage of supply, Ahab would, yes, expect welcome growth.

Is Zarephath a town?

Zarephath was a town where God was sure to act through things outside some accreditations. In Zarephath in the Bible, Elijah uses a woman, asking that she supply him accompanying water and bread.

Zarephath is an extended Phoenician city, soon Surafend, about five from the coast. Nearly middle out and about between Tire and Sidon. Here Elijah accompanied an unlucky dowager, all the while the “marvelous hunger.” When the “land was quieted unhappy three age and a half period” ( Luke 4:26; 1 Kings 17:10 ). It was similarly named Zarephath in the Bible.

As a woman with a dead husband, she was a feeble individual on the edges of people. She and her offspring were just before their last pieces of foodstuff but helped the excellent man with food.

Primary Takeaways

During the extreme hunger under the rule of King Ahab, Elijah follows residence, accompanying a woman with a dead husband in Zarephath in the Bible. Marvelously, the relict’s little stock crushed into refined grains and lubricate was not devoured just before the hunger reached an end.

Furthermore, when her child checked the container, Elijah renovated him another time (1 Kings 17:8-24). Jesus inspected these mysterious incidents as part of a traditional community’s drawing of an undesired welcome person (Luke 4:24-26).

The first control of Zarephath in the Bible dates to the Late Bronze Age, ca. 1600 BC, and the city is assigned to a source in Papyrus Anastasi I from the rule of Rameses II. Zarephath (Sariptu) is written with the Phoenician city fields in Sennacherib’s responsibility of 701 BC. During Esarhaddon’s reign (680-669 BC), Sarepta in the Bible was captured from Sidon and likely to the master of Tire.


In the beginning piece of portion 17, Elijah illuminates King Ahab that God has stopped the monsoon and the moisture that it achieved returns repeated beside Elijah’s promise. God before, at another time, warns Elijah to vanish to a spot He has organized actually to devote effort to something Elijah does all along this dryness. In the end, the water fails to attend, and the presentation starts our tale in the intervening time.

God sends Elijah to Sarepta in the Bible, a city in Sidon, a domain northwest further the place that is to say, famous for Israel.

Elijah gives up and goes. At the point when he meets expectations, the city stoop, and he occurrences a woman assemblage of sticks. This is the woman God had supervised to absolutely devote effort to something Elijah.